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Text Me Good Night

Four years ago I got a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard.  It was a Red Verizon Envy 2 and it was pretty cool-at least I thought so.   I could make and receive calls, text and take pictures.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Grace In The Face.

Did you ever have a day where everything seemed to go right?  The kids, work, the weather.  You feel fabulous, on top of the world, when out of the blue, someone says something or does something and the feeling disappears … Continue reading

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My youngest daughter, Sarah, loves to sing!  She sings all the time…..kind of like a Disney Princess.  She sings when she showers, when she cooks, when she cleans.  She sings all the time.  She is in the Youth Choir at … Continue reading

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It All Adds Up. . . Or Does It?

I recently signed up for Direct Deposit at work.  I know, it’s been around for years but it hadn’t been an option where I work until recently and I didn’t sign up right away.  Our financial manager kept encouraging me … Continue reading

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Tornados and Bubble Baths

Back in 2000, we moved to Tennessee from Washington, D.C.   What a change for our family!  We loved everything about the new neighborhood where our home was being built.  We were living temporarily in an apartment about 15 minutes from … Continue reading

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The Shopping Siren

Moms love to shop.  We especially love to shop when there is a sale!  One rainy Saturday, my husband and I, and the three girls, decided to hit the mall.  Just walk around and look …………..not much money to spend … Continue reading

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Shopping With The Kids

Remember the fun of running errands with your children?  Especially if your children were young, like 6 and under and you have more than 1 or2?  You’ve seen us in the grocery stores, wondering why we brought our kids.  Well, … Continue reading

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