A Baby Changes Everything

Do you remember your life before children?  Think back, way back, to when you were first married.  You know right after your honeymoon.  Life was a lot different.  You went out to eat a lot, went out on a date, slept in, read the paper on a lazy afternoon.  Life was bliss.  You were in love and the world was great.

Now add a baby to the picture.  The bliss and love you had can’t compare to the love you both now share with your new little bundle of joy.  Love had multiplied- you thought you were happy before and now you are happy beyond compare.

But other things change too. You are a little more tired, you don’t really get to sleep in, do you?  Sure you can go out to eat.  Our motto was “have baby, will travel”.  You just pack up the baby and the baby stuff and go.  You can even go out on a date as long as you find someone to watch the baby.

Now add in a few more babies.  And of course, your first born is growing and getting involved in different things as they grow- sports, dance, school; you name it, they do it.  You learn how to juggle, car pool, play date, and the going out on a date thing and the dinner out is not quite the same.  Dinner becomes fast food and Stevie B’s is a night out.  But you have a whole new appreciation of love.

Now think way, way back – to a very different baby – a baby born approximately 2,000 years ago.

This past weekend, our church performed a Christmas program called “Let Us Adore HIM!”  One of the songs was called, “A Baby Changes Everything”.   This baby was Jesus.  One of the verses went like this:

“My whole life has turned around.

I was lost but now I’m found.

A baby changes everything.

This baby changes everything.”

Jesus surely changed Mary and Joseph’s life.  Like you, they were experienced with my motto, “have baby, will travel.”   But they didn’t travel like we were talking about earlier.  They had to travel with Him but not to go out to eat.   They had to travel to keep Him safe.   Jesus changed their lives and the lives of those around Him.   A baby changed everything.

And amazingly, approximately 2,000 years later, Jesus is still changing lives.   He has changed my life.  Has He changed yours?

I hope that during this Christmas season that Baby Jesus changes everything for you.

Blessings – Leigh


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2 Responses to A Baby Changes Everything

  1. He has definitely changed my life!

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