How About a Word Here!

Today we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.  If he were to remind us of his life word, it would be “dream”.  Whenever you think of MLK Jr., you remember his famous speech, “I have a dream.”  Martin’s word is “dream”.

Debbie Macomber’s picture was recently on the cover of Guideposts magazine.  I love reading her books and I know moms don’t necessarily have time to read, but I find reading a necessary escape.  Her books, like “Twenty Wishes” and “Back on Blossom Street” are great.  In the magazine, there was an article about having a “word to live by” for the year. Debbie calls it her spiritual vocabulary.  A word that you would focus on and live by that illustrates  your life.  In other words, a life word.  The word could be something that you say or see or one that seems to come to your mind often. Debbie’s word is “listen”.

I had heard of a “word” year before but had never really participated in it.

I thought about that for a while and found that if I had a word for  last year my word would have been “hope”.  There were many times last year that hope was something I prayed about and for.  I had received a coffee mug for Christmas the year before  and it had “hope” on it and each time I grabbed for a mug for coffee, that was the one I reached for.  I would contemplate that mug and I would think about how hope had helped me through the year .  This past Christmas  I found “hope” on a ornament.

As 2012 began, I started to think of my “word” for the new year.  This year my word is “rejoice”.  I love the word and the idea of thanking and praising God daily for all the good and the not so good, I have in my life.  And although there are days that could be better, I rejoice for they could be worse.  Rejoice! The funny part is someone recently gave me little decorative blocks that spelled out “Rejoice!”.  God always has perfect timing.

So I am looking forward to rejoicing and seeing where else  I find my word.

Dream, listen, hope, rejoice!

What  word describes where you are at in your life?

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