Buzz Lightyear to the rescue…

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a picture of her son with Elmo slippers on and it brought back memories of my oldest daughter when she was 3 (she will be 20 next week).  The memory of Katie in her K-3 class was as clear as if it were yesterday.

I had decided that Katie needed to go to school and have some friends and not just hang out with mom and two little babies.  Not that I didn’t want her at home, but I felt she needed to do more.  Of course, when she started it was in November, I was new to pre-school and didn’t think it started in August like regular school.  And I was in luck, the school had just had an opening as one child there refused to become potty trained.

So off Katie went to school.  And that is another whole story in itself as we only had one vehicle that my husband took to work and not much money, but we made it work.  Thank you Lord!

The last day of school before Christmas break Katie came home with a little card that said what I want for Christmas and inside it said, “Buzz Lightyear sneakers”.

Really?  She had never mentioned it to me or to her dad.  Her gifts were already bought and I know Santa never had those sneakers on her list.  What were we to do?  It apparently was the only thing she wanted.

So desperately I went in search of Buzz!  I finally found a pair of Boys sneakers in her size, they were white and had Buzz on the sides.  I scooped them up, paid for them and went home victorious!

After the girls went to bed on Christmas Eve and before Santa came, I put the sneakers near her stocking.

Wouldn’t you know on Christmas morning Katie came downstairs and started looking at her gifts and then she saw them!  And she burst into tears!  Oh, Buzz!  Oh, Buzz!  And she put them on and wore them until they fell apart!

I had forgotten all about Buzz!  Memories are funny, they just come flooding back out of the blue!  I wonder if she still remembers that Christmas morning?Do you think she’ll want something “Buzz” for her 20th birthday next week?  I may just have to go out shopping and looking!

Blessings, Leigh

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2 Responses to Buzz Lightyear to the rescue…

  1. Eileen Coney says:

    It blows my mind that KT will be 20 very, very soon!! That also means you and I have known each other for that long, too!! I’m so glad I met you and became friends!! You definitely talley in the “good people” column of folks I know!! I hope we remain friends for the next 20 years as well! Love you, your girls and David, too! 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Just letting your followers know, I did get Buzz for my birthday. 🙂

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