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A Teen and her car…

Well today marked a big milestone in my life.  No it isn’t my birthday.  It is the day my youngest child, er teen, got her own car.  When my oldest was old enough to drive, she would drive my husband’s … Continue reading

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I think she’s got it….

It is a joy to be a teacher.  I know there are days that that doesn’t seem true but the good days always outnumber the other.  Teaching little ones is cool, I love when they “get it”.  You can see … Continue reading

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Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday!  It is amazing to think that I have been a mom now for  20 years.  Looking back over the years I can tell you that being a mom is an exciting ride.  I … Continue reading

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Happy as Kimpy!

One day last summer my daughter and I went grocery shopping when we heard a little girl in a shopping buggy say, “I happy as kimpy.”  And then she laughed and laughed. We both turned and looked at the little girl and … Continue reading

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Impromptu Superbowl Party

Sunday was a lazy afternoon for my husband and me.  My one daughter was away at college and the other two were spending the day with their boyfriends.  It was a beautful day so my husband and I were outside … Continue reading

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Hug a Teen

I know it is hard sometimes to deal with teenagers and all the drama they bring, but they all need love and encouragement.  Since  the beginning of this new year, everyday I hear of another teens death.  From car accidents, … Continue reading

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Hide and Seek

It’s been a long, long time since I have played hide and seek.  I know you know the game.  One person hides, the other person counts and then “seeks” the other person. Well, I had the chance to play hide … Continue reading

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