Disney On Ice

Yesterday our school, Covenant Christian Academy, had a “Buddy” field trip.

Let me back up a bit.   Our school has an awesome mentoring program where our high school  and  elementary students buddy up for the school year.  Throughout the year, the High School buddies and their Elementary buddies get together; sometimes they meet in the classroom and read together, or play a game or go out on the playground.

The older students cheer on their buddies in everything they are involved in like our recently held “Fun Run”.  The older students get to remember their elementary years by being back in an elementary classroom  and the younger students are just in awe to have an older student not only know them but know them by name.

The younger students cheer on their HS buddies on at sporting events, plays and other events, like our Prom Fashion Show where some of the younger students were asked to participate and model the fashions for a segment for the Prom of the Class of 2022.   They also enjoy simply waving to them in the hallways.  But going on a field trip is the best.

The first thing we did was match up the younger students with their buddy and get them all on the bus.  It was great to watch them interacting as we rode to our destination, Disney On Ice.   I watched them play “I Spy”, the ABC game or just sit and talk.

When we arrived at the arena, you could feel the excitement in the air.  We took our seats and I had the privilege of watching the older students smile and relive all the memories of the Disney characters they had grown up with and loved; Ariel, Aladdin, Belle to name a few.  I also got to enjoy the awe and wonder of the younger students as each new character and story came skating out on the ice.

When the show ended, we loaded up the bus and headed to the park for a picnic and some fun on the playground.  It was the smoothest lunch ever as the HS buddies made sure their buddy ate and cleaned up and then it was off to play.  I think they played on every piece of playground equipment in the park as well as played some ball games and with the ever popular “parachute”.  The laughs and giggles warmed my heart.

And then it was time to head back to the school.  The bus was a lot quieter as the tired students settled into their seats for the ride.

What an awesome way to start Spring Break!  The day may be over but the memories of Disney on Ice will live on in the hearts of all who went.

Blessings, Leigh

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2 Responses to Disney On Ice

  1. tami says:

    We are truly more than a school, we are a family!!!! Courtney had a wonderful day with her buddy.

  2. Leigh Peters says:

    Covenant is a family and I am so glad we found it when we moved here.

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