Smell The Pretty Flowers (from the Best of Mom2Mom)

When my children were younger, my older two went to preschool in the afternoon.  Back then I had 3 children ages 3, 2 and brand new.  I thought at the time it would be great for my older daughter to go to preschool and spend time with other children her age as well as another adult.  Her class turned out to be lots of fun for her.  The next year I sent my two older girls to the same preschool.  The girls were now 4, 3 and 1.  As the year passed, my youngest and I enjoyed our time together…sometimes we were home, sometimes shopping and sometimes she went to Mother’s Day out.  Wow!  You can only imagine how I felt to have some time to myself.  I could clean, vacuum, bake, shower –whatever I wanted.  And of course, those few hours I had alone were jam packed with errands and whatever else was on my never-ending to do list.  I was always rushing, here, there and then back to the church that ran the Mother’s Day Out program.  After picking up my youngest, we ran to get the girls from preschool.  My youngest at the time preferred walking (as most do) as opposed to me carrying her and rushing as I tended to do.  She would saunter down the sidewalk and I was always saying, “Let’s go, we’re going to be late”, you get the idea, right?  One day, she just stopped outside the school and stood there.  I walked over and she said “I’m smelling the pretty flowers.”

Leave it to an almost 2 year old to make me stop and think and realize what I was missing.  I have never forgotten that day and here it is 14 years later.  Time has flown by….my girls are nearing the end of their teen years and I wonder…did I miss any other
moments?  Did I make the most of everyday with them as they were growing up?  Or
was I too busy being busy? -caught up in the hectic day to day lives we all lead.

Those days and moments will soon be gone. Try not to miss even one.   Make a promise to your children, and to yourself, and stop and smell the pretty flowers as often as you can.

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2 Responses to Smell The Pretty Flowers (from the Best of Mom2Mom)

  1. Karen B says:

    Yes, indeed!

  2. brandib says:


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