10 Truths For Today (from the best of Mom2Mom)

At dinner tonight, my daughter was telling us about a discussion she had in school that day.  The subject was 8 lies that could ruin your life.  I prefer to tell truths.  I can tell you some truths I have discovered over the years.

First, you never stop learning.  I am old enough to get a discount at Kohl’s but I do not yet know everything.

Second, what you thought was important when you were younger changes as you get older.

Third, when you finish college you do not know everything.

Fourth, your children can teach you a lot.

Fifth, time passes quicker the older you get-summer vacation and weekends especially.

Sixth, everything is more expensive than you think it is. Nothing is free.

Seven, you can choose how you feel about something, so choose wisely.

Eight, not everyone will agree with you every time- and that’s okay.

Nine, sometimes it is better to just walk away.

Ten, one step forward and two steps back is normal.



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3 Responses to 10 Truths For Today (from the best of Mom2Mom)

  1. Kara says:

    Love this, so true!
    Once one of my boys were arguing with me about how many senses we have, he said we have 6 : 1. sight, 2.smell, 3.touch, 4. hearing, 5. taste, 6. common!
    One truth I have discovered over the years…using your 6th sense daily will get you far 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Right again 🙂

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