Do-over (from the Best of Mom2Mom)

A few years ago, the movie Groundhog Day was in the theatres.  I am sure you are familiar with the movie.  It was about a man named Phil who kept waking up and reliving Groundhog Day over and over and over and was given the opportunity to correct the mistakes he made until he got it right.  Phil, the main character, was an arrogant man that no one really liked.  He was self-centered, focused only on  imself.  He was an egocentric Pittsburgh TV weatherman and this particular day he was assigned to report the weather on Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  He was rude to the residents of the town, his co-workers, his producer, and his cameraman, anyone that was there.  A blizzard causes the television team to spend the night in the town and this is where he wakes up over and over and relives the day.

I know we can’t relive the same day over and over to right some of the wrongs we may have done that day-maybe we said something we shouldn’t have or passed by an opportunity to help someone else.   But I know I am thankful for every morning that I am able to wake up and can try again to do better or to make right; things I did that weren’t my best.  I am
thankful for second chances and although there may not be any do-overs in life like in Groundhog Day, every day we do have on earth we can try to do our best.  We can love with all our heart, we can apologize to those we wronged, and we can smile more and help and serve others.  I want to keep trying and am thankful for each day I am blessed with.

How about you?  Is there something you need to fix?  Something you need to re-do? Someone that deserves a second chance or an apology?  Don’t miss an opportunity to
correct our wrongs – Phil the weatherman had the opportunity to relive his day until he got it right. That only happens in movies.  We don’t know how many days we will be
blessed with.  Don’t take another day for granted.   Be thankful for today.  Make it count!

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