Trimming The Tree With Memories (from the best of Mom2Mom)

It took a long time for us to trim the tree this year.  Well first of all we had to wait for my middle daughter to get home from school.  Originally we were going to have to wait until the 22nd but she surprised us this weekend and came home for an unexpected visit so one of the first things we did was finish the tree.  It did look nice with just the little lights, I was getting kind of used to that look, but I will have to admit it does look prettier with ornaments too!

We have a very eclectic collection of ornaments.  Some from my childhood, some from before I met my husband, and some from when we were first married. But we have oodles of ornaments since our girls were born.  Baby’s first Christmas, we have a few of those.  We have some of those fun “made by your child” ornaments, some construction paper school ornaments, some from vacation destinations we have been to.  But we have a large assortment of ornaments that our daughters picked out every year since they were born.  It was a new tradition we started at a friend’s suggestion. And I am so glad we did.  It’s fun to look at those and remember what they were thinking about the year they picked them out:  Santa, , Barney, soccer, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, a play they were in, music, basketball, hippos, snowmen, pirates and the list goes on. 

Each ornament had a memory and a story and I guess I was feeling nostalgic as we hung them on the tree.  As I took each one out of the tote I thought about where we lived when we bought the ornament and who picked it out and why.  I had so many wonderful memories come to mind. My girls are young adults now and one of these days they will be off on their own.  All those ornaments and memories will go with them as they begin their own life and their own story.

So being the organized mom that I am I bought an ornament box for my oldest daughter. And this year as we untrim the tree, I will put her ornaments (and my memories) in a new box-her own special ornament tote.  I don’t plan on her leaving any time soon but I figured I’ve got to be ready. 

And if the ornament boxes go on sale after the holidays I will get two more and organize my other girls’ memories.  Next year when we go to trim the tree, they can use their own box as we trim our family tree and they can stroll down memory lane much like I did today. 

Why not start a new tradition this year with your own children?  It’s easy and inexpensive and the memories are priceless.  Do you have an ornament tradition?  I’d love to hear about it.  Please leave your comments.  Blessings, Leigh

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2 Responses to Trimming The Tree With Memories (from the best of Mom2Mom)

  1. Amy Kerins says:

    What a great idea Leigh! We were laughing this year at all the “memorable” ornaments. Casey was wondering why she was dressed as an Indian in one of her ornaments from Mrs. Howard’s class! I also commented on what teacher did the “cheap” paper ornament only to crack up as Marissa said- that was the year I was in your class mom! When Chris and I first got married we had “tree trimming” parties to get ornaments and have a good time with friends and family. They supplied an ornament for our tree and we supplied the food. We now look back at all the ornaments and remember where we were and the friends who gave them that might not be in close touch with us but still remain in our hearts. Be blessed!

    • Leigh Peters says:

      It’s funny and endearing how something as simple as a paper snowflake can take you back to when your child was little. What memories! Enjoy your tree and all the memories it holds. Good to hear from you Amy!

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