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Trimming The Tree With Memories (from the best of Mom2Mom)

It took a long time for us to trim the tree this year.  Well first of all we had to wait for my middle daughter to get home from school.  Originally we were going to have to wait until the … Continue reading

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Patience (from the best of Mom2Mom)

A few years ago, I met a lady at our church in Virginia.  She was happily married to a sweet man, had 4 sons and was expecting a baby in the next few months.  She loved all her boys but … Continue reading

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Angels (from the best of Mom2Mom)

It’s funny when you have children how different they all can be even though they were raised the same way.  My youngest daughter did so many dangerous things when she was a toddler that her sisters nicknamed her Danger Baby.  … Continue reading

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Turn Around(from the best of Mom2Mom)

Time passes by so quickly.  But not daily.  People are always waiting for Friday to come, but when it does do they ever stop to think that a whole week has passed?  Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and … Continue reading

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A Little Nudge(from the best of Mom2Mom)

We have a cute and rather funny Miniature Schnauzer named Mr. Famous.  Most of the time we call himFamy but he has been called all different types of names, some he responds to and some he doesn’t. One time, being silly, … Continue reading

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Moms and Their Adult Children(from the Best of Mom2Mom)

You’ve raised your children and pretty much followed the same rules with each one right? Then why are they so different? And why didn’t they turn out the way I wanted them to? Have I failed? No! Your child(ren) were … Continue reading

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What doesn’t kill you…

I went to the movies with my middle daughter, Krissy (the basketball star), who is home for Spring Break on Saturday and saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  We had fun laughing before the movie about being incredibly loud. It was fun … Continue reading

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