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A Teen and her car…

Well today marked a big milestone in my life.  No it isn’t my birthday.  It is the day my youngest child, er teen, got her own car.  When my oldest was old enough to drive, she would drive my husband’s … Continue reading

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Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday!  It is amazing to think that I have been a mom now for  20 years.  Looking back over the years I can tell you that being a mom is an exciting ride.  I … Continue reading

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Hug a Teen

I know it is hard sometimes to deal with teenagers and all the drama they bring, but they all need love and encouragement.  Since  the beginning of this new year, everyday I hear of another teens death.  From car accidents, … Continue reading

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A New Month

Not long ago everyone was busy making plans for New Years’ Eve and resolutions for the New Year.  And January 1st came and went.  And many resolutions went out the window. Things change, life happens, you win a few, you … Continue reading

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The Day Barbie Left…..continued

The first time we thought about inviting Barbie to stay was one night at dinner when we were eating “Blue Macaroni”…aka Kraft Mac and Cheese..you know, the macaroni in the blue box.  On the back of the box was an … Continue reading

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Reflections of My Life….

Reflections. There is more than one definition of reflection.  Most people tend to think of reflection as an image of themselves in a mirror.  The reflection I am writing about today is the careful thought form of reflection, where we think about our actions. … Continue reading

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I know the plans…

Recently I have felt caught up in a whirlwind of activity, and usually most of the whirlwind wasn’t what I had planned for that day.  I think I get off track from what I should be doing.  I know I … Continue reading

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