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Hide and Seek

It’s been a long, long time since I have played hide and seek.  I know you know the game.  One person hides, the other person counts and then “seeks” the other person. Well, I had the chance to play hide … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions

Traditions-according to the dictionary, a tradition is an inherited, established or customary pattern of thought, action or behavior passed on from one generation to the next.  We all have traditions-things we do at certain times of year simply because that’s … Continue reading

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Holiday Fun Part 2

Holidays are a hectic time, aren’t they?  Lots and lots of preparation-cleaning, shopping, preparing, and more cleaning.  And the funny thing is sometimes the time spent doing all this takes more time than the actual event.  Having raised three children … Continue reading

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Lucky and Smokey

A laughable moment story is a story that is not funny when it is happening but years later when you recall that moment, it is a story you look back on with a smile and laugh.  We have these moments … Continue reading

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